19 OCTOBER, 2011


i cant tell you how much im in love with this song, on repeat 24/7, best song out right now, this is the official video i think its quite hot and dirty at the same time but uno rihanna she comes out with crazy stuff, the guy is the video is something else , kinda looks like chris brown abit hmm, i love the styling in this video as well unique and quirky, anyway this video isnt on youtube yet ive tryed to find it so i hope you enjoy it like i do.


Chloe Mia said...

This is the first I've seen the video and I absolutely love it! I see what you mean about the chris brown thing apparently she has been seeing the male model after the shoot they seem to have hit it off ;)

jules. said...

ohh intresting , well he is pretty fit :D, love the video, seen this and had to put it up on here xx