26 OCTOBER, 2011


etsy 'Bloodmilk' store here

Another post before im off to nod world, i found this fricking awsume etsy store by accident, i often like to snoop around on there even if i dont buy anything lol, and i came across this store called 'BLOODMILK' and it mostly has different piece with claws and skulls some crystal stones basically my perfect type of jewellery, its very pricey for me but maybe ill write a nice letter to santa nd see what happens lmao, if you have alot of monopoly money go get some of these badboys. night


Srsly said...

Julia! This is totally unrelated to this post but I LOVE your YouTube vids and I was just browsing Asos and saw these leather shorts that would be PERFECT for you. (I know you love your leather AND shorts). Do you have these already?




Vicky Harrold said...

FIND!!! wish I could afford them!! x