05 february, 2012


blouse-topshop/leather trousers-h&m/jewellery-asos/ysl /broques-office sale/checked hoody-topshop /heels-zara sale
HEYguys. i hope you all are great and enjoying your weekend, basically i think i need to kind of explain why i've been away on my blog and youtube channel, well i've been applying for Universities and been working on my art portfolio also had interview and i've literally haven't had no time its been horrible. Well this is the outfit i wore to an interview i had on 1st Feb and it was errr i absolutely hate interviews but it kinda went well i think, i got another one on the 15th,also been buying new stuff again ofcourse. talk soon guys love you, and thank you for still commenting and subscribing to my channel.[outfit info and new purchases above]


Lara Inez said...

Amazing look as usual :) Glad your interview went well :) xxx

jules. said...

thanks u hun, i hope it went well because i think that n then i wont even get in haha xx

soffie hicks said...

Love this outfit, good luck with all your interviews lovely. x


francisdodson said...

I love the things you've brought... You have great fashion sense :) x

meg lea said...

those shoes!! x