22 MARCH,2012

Photos by me
Hello my lovelies, hope you missed me lmao, its been a while and im very sorry but im now back, i did this pinup inspired hair the other day but added a lil twist with the my fav new cat blouse and some ghetto earrings i do like to whip these out now and again. hope you liked, ( please dont be offended by the second photo, im just messing around) love you guys mwah :)


Carrie Vintage said...

amazing shirt.

Antonette said...

i love this look


Lady Moriarty said...

This, is the greatest shirt EVER MADE ! i'm pretty jealous

See U !

Anonymous said...

head band + skull necklace !!LOVE!


readysteadyblonde said...

I dont even like cats but i'm in love with the shirt..