16 july 2012

i thought ill introduce you to my recent addiction , as some of you know i got a little quote tattoo on by forearm saying 'fashion faes, style is eternal YSL' and i actually believe in that. its true what they say when you get one tattoo you automatically  want more. when i came out of the tattoo shop i was all ready thinking of more designs. ive been researching and sketching some tattoos i would like but its so hard to actually choose that one or few designs that you truly will love for the rest of your life, i didnt think i would ever get any tattoos but now i just want more and more. some of your might be thinking how is that going to work with getting a job or interviews and your other side of life, well what i say to that is its your choice you need to think of every part what comes into with having a tattoo, if you have a serious career or youre  think you will have one in the future then maybe tattoos would get in the way if they are very visible because in society body art is still not very much acceptable which is quite shocking because we are living in the 21st century, having tattoos shouldn't put you off  someone because they might be the best person for the position your looking to fill, basically you know what im getting at, i know i will have a career  that has to do with fashion or art so im not very worried if they will get in the way, i find tattoos very interesting as alot of times they tell a story and mean something special to that person, in the future if i was looking to employe someone for my company i would definitely hire a person full of tattoos  it just makes them more unique and interesting and shows off there style.
hope you enjoyed my little rant ha. talk soon

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NEON/BIBLE said...

God I know the feeling, once I got my first tattoo that was it, I'm no 19 with nearly a sleeve and i've already started on my other arm and stomach haha

I'm a fashion student at uni and have met so many people in the industry and with work experience and not a word has ever been said about my tattoo's affecting my job, they don't effect you're working performance and honestly if somewhere was to discriminate against tattoo's then I wouldn't want to work for them anyway.

Anyway I did a post on my tattoo's recently here
and my hip was actually done by Anthony Flemming the guy you've posted with his arms crossed here :)